Divorce and Short Sales

divorce and short sale

Our clients undergoing the difficult process of a divorce understand, that a successful short sale will help alleviate a major financial pain point – so they can focus on healing their emotional pain, and on creating a new beginning.

As short sale experts, we are accustomed to working with clients whose both personal and financial situation is in distress.

Although no two short sales are the same given the difference in servicers, investors, mortgage insurance companies, types of properties, etc – we are able to help our clients navigate the turbulent waters of the short sale process with confidence.  This is especially needed in situations where divorce is the primary factor for seeking short sale services.

What we’ve discovered in working with hundreds of homeowners going through separation or divorce is that this particular hardship adds an emotional element that must be acknowledged and dealt with as a part of the short sale.  

We understand the emotional and financial nature of a marriage break up.

On one hand, there could be negative feelings between the homeowners that prevent clear and timely communication.  On the other hand, there are financial and often parental considerations that must be worked through as the household unwinds.  

Needless to say, such circumstances present a new set of challenges that must be overcome, or at least mitigated, in order for a short sale to be successful.  We also understand that in many cases, short sale of the property is the last thing that holds the divorcing couple together from moving on with their lives.

Our approach is simple: apply empathy and experience to help our clients close this chapter of their lives!

We establish straight lines of communication with all parties involved including divorce attorneys if needed.

We prequalify both sellers for the short sale and explain to each what the process will look like – and it can be different for each.

We answer all the questions based on our experiences dealing with similar situations and we often play a conduit of information between all involved.

Most importantly, we focus on the end result – getting the short sale to settlement while neutralizing the effects of deficiencies – by moving the short sale forward with each communication.

Our divorcing clients understand that a successful short sale will help alleviate a major financial pain point of a marriage breaking up, so they can focus more on healing their emotional pains to create a new beginning.

If you are facing the hardship of a divorce and need to find out whether a short sale is right for you, contact us today – our team of short sale experts can help.