We specialize in Short Sale Solutions!

They are 100% focused on saving sellers from foreclosure and providing huge opportunities for the leaders on their team. Our team strives to be the solution for their clients and never takes “no” for an answer when looking out for their clients best interest.

Teal Clise

Teal Clise – Principal

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After leaving the real estate investment company where I spent 18 months building one of the Region’s top producing real estate teams, I spent some time considering where I can add the most value to the planet & to myself. All roads lead back to one thing – it’s time to build another top producing real estate team.

The real estate industry is so diverse & much more than meets the eye which means it’s highly misunderstood. On the surface, it’s helping sellers and buyers with what is likely their largest lifetime investment. Peek under the hood…everything that happens inside Apple and Amazon happens here – entrepreneurship, profitability and wealth building, leadership, people and business development, creativity and content marketing, technology, recruiting, strategy & business plans, process improvement, economy and trend shifts, and so on.

And that’s why I’m doing it again – ground up, failure ahead and the fruits of the labor, too. I have a track record of helping agents get what they want & I’m excited to do it all again.

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Tanya Bolling

Tanya Bolling is a Marine with 10 years of service. She also became a Paralegal and earned a BS in Criminal Justice. She then worked for over 20 years in public records research. She built a reputation for outstanding service and professional care.

Who knew that in her spare time she would work on her passion for home improvement helping friends complete small projects at their homes? It was from those projects that the seed of possibilities in Real Estate began to bloom!

Now 5 years later, Tanyas’ reputation for outstanding service continues at eXp Realty. Following Legacy’s core value to “transform lives through Real Estate,” Tanya has helped many buyers and sellers fulfill their wealth building dreams in her adopted home state of Maryland.

In her free time, she likes to cook, bake and work on small home improvement projects.


Vlad Kats (MBA) – Founder

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My experience with short sales began in 2006. At that time, shorting Bank of America $2,000 took approximately 3 weeks and the lender’s short sale department consisted of less than 5 short sale negotiators.

A lot has happened over the past 10+ years in the world of short sales in terms of lender guidelines, staffing, processes, and the real estate market in general.

What has not changed is my commitment to providing the highest quality service and advice to Maryland’s homeowners in distress, their Realtors, and their attorneys.

I founded Atlas Home Group with a vision of restoring the dream of home ownership in Maryland by ending the foreclosure crisis in our state one homeowner at a time. And we’re doing just that!

To date, our team has helped hundreds of clients discover and analyze their pre-foreclosure options and assisted them with making sound choices based on concrete information. We take pride in our consultative and educational approach to client relationships and are looking forward to assisting Maryland’s homeowners, and their trusted advisers, in their time of need.

Prior to starting my career in real estate and short sale services, I was an Economist with a Federal Government Agency, Small Business Consultant, and an Entrepreneur. I graduated from St. Mary’s College of Maryland with a degree in Economics and hold an MBA from University of Maryland at College Park. I live in Pikesville, MD with my wife and three children.